Monday, September 24, 2007

what if

what if i can't breath when your face pop-up on my mind?
what if i can't stop smiling when i remember the 'where' the 'when' and the 'how'?
what if i don't know whether love or loathe when i return on this God's path again?

what if i become someone who wants to be needed everyday every hour every minute?
what if you don't want to.

what if i keep searching for someone who does?
what if i distracted by others who wants me to be needed them?
what if i accidentally drawn and can't help myself to sober again?
what if i still needed you to be my Saviour?
what if you don't want to.

what if i still want to feel our bitter taste lollipop trapped in the mud and shine by million stars while rock and roll music playing by,
rather than His full-topped ice cream and sparkling candy?

what if you were me?

inspired by Boyzone's "If You Were Mine"

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