Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And The Remaining Memories

I couldn't be happier when i found this articles from official website Chinese Childrenhome Shelter and Association, place that i spent volunteering on several childrenhomes on 2008.

I wrote this article when i finished my service on first shelter,Taiwan Christian Faith, Hope, Love: Children’s Home in Ping-Tung County before i started another service at Hsin-Chuang Agape Children Home in Taipei County. It brings back my memories behind.

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Until last night, two days after I left 31 kids in Ping Tung, I still can remember everything single thing they did even in small details.

I can adlibbing every words as they sang Backstreet Boys song and Old McDonald song.

I can feel them tapping in my head like a drumbeat as they danced the tap dance.

I can hear their laughter echo in my ears.

I can't remove all of that from my memory.

Three weeks ago, me and my team started this project in Faith Hope Love Children Home in Ping Tung, Taiwan. This is my first experience visiting Taiwan and do this volunteer work. Before i met them, i imagined about unattractive, shy, not energetic kids. Those pictures ruined in the very first time we played the game to know each other. They were so powerful energetic and lots of laughters. Me, as foreigner knew nothing about them, about their background and things related to that issue. All i know is i have to be with them 24 hours in three weeks. We stick to their schedule from 6.20 in the morning gather around for breakfast, courses at 9 to 11, lunch at 12, take a nap until 3, dinner at 7, and go back to our room at 9. every schedule is fixed and sharp right on time. I really shocked about this at the very first time, i can’t even have my breakfast so early in the morning, and i can’t sleep early either. The first three days was the hardest part and devastated for me. I can’t even understand what they were talking about. When they were laughing i just freeze and have no idea what were they laughing at, and it might be me.

I want to know what they’re talking about, even the little kid just mumbling things that they can even barely understand it, im curious about it.

I want to join and share every laughter they had so i can laugh at hilarious things or even silly jokes they made.

My curiosity about everything about them lead me to enter their world. The world of their own that was isolated from outsider and we, the foreigners, tried to getting into it. At the very beginning it was only my curiousity about live in another country and learn different custom of living took me to Taiwan. But now since i know them, i want to love them and shared what i had to them, hopefully can fulfill their needs.

My curiosity about how they can cover their pain with laughter and joy. I never knew before about their stories and how they can struggle with the stories behind it.

We taught them how to be creative with art such as paper folding, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, and even acting. They were amazingly creative. Right when we just arrived, they just practiced their break dance and they got their style! I don’t know where they learn that moves since they are in a county but it must be because they had lots of limitation but they don’t want to trap in that situation. We also played basketball with them and they beat us every time. In other games they can beat us easily and after that they still had energies to play other things like one wheel bike or just running all around the playground. We tried to open their horizon with taught them dances like tap dance and Saman, Indonesian traditional dance from Aceh. We tried to show them new things that they can learn improved themselves and they have to show us at the farewell party. The emotional part was the farewell thing. After amused the audience by showed all the things we taught them from sang Old McDonald, performed both Tap and Saman Dance, their own drama, and imitating former well known boyband, Backstreet Boys, i felt so sad and hard to leave them in the next day. The fact that they can catch what we taught them for almost three weeks, the fact that they did very great job in every single thing, and the most, the fact that i can’t see them improved their knowledge because i will leave them and may not see each other for the rest of my life.

I remember when the second batch kids were leaving for their home and left a cute message which totally touched everyone’s heart there. I remember the kid who can imitate every dancing move that i taught them and he becomes the best dancer among the others. I keep remember meals that i got in last couple days which is special made because i can’t eat pork and the chef made it for me super big plate of veggie noodle. And i won’t never ever forget when they were crying after sang the goodbye song at the farewell party and the next day they waved goodbye in front of the door then saw them as small kids which finally faded as our way go back to Taipei. But here, in my heart they never fade away, they just stayed.

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