Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010, You're Just Not That Good Enough!

Biasanya menjelang pergantian tahun, saya mencoba mengingat-ingat kejadian menarik yang terjadi tiap bulannya lalu merangkumnya dalam sebuah tulisan. Entah mengapa, tahun 2010 ini tidak memberikan banyak kepuasan bagi saya. Saya sempat mendiskusikannya dengan beberapa orang terdekat, katanya saya kurang bersyukur dengan apa yang terjadi di tahun ini dan memiliki beberapa standar yang cukup tinggi. Saya sendiri menemukan pola lain yang terjadi di tahun 2010. Mungkin beberapa orang juga pernah merasakan ini;

Apakah kita memiliki resolusi saat memasuki tahun yang baru?
Ya, saya punya!
- Stay di pekerjaan terakhir dan jangan sampai berhenti di tengah jalan
- Banyak minum air putih.

That's it!

Did i accomplished it? YES I DID!

Alasan kenapa memilih resolusi yang sangat simple, karena mungkin pada saat itu saya tidak mau terlalu muluk untuk mencapai yang luar biasa.
Turns out those mind set leads to an effortless year and unknown goals. I can really feel not so passionate i was or just let it flow without any plan. That's so unusual me! I need more exciting resolutions to challenge myself and achieve meaningful goals. That's what i should do in 2011!

Tidak perlu mengeluh lagi ke belakang, dengan beberapa evaluasi yang sudah direnungi akhirnya saya menyadari mungkin sebelumnya saya terlalu mudah puas dengan diri sendiri dan tanpa sadar lupa untuk mengasah pisau yang mungkin sudah tumpul sekarang. Puas dengan sesuatu yang mungkin belum mencapai standar memuaskan. I set the bar so high but the effort just too low.

There's nothing you can do at last and i don't wanna turn back time either. Better to remember some cool things that happened this year, let's start people!

1. After my very 1st interview with international artist Lenka, last 2009 i interviewed Eric Bennet on Java Jazz Festival 2010. He's such a hottie and i can make some people jealous by took a picture with him lol and with John Legend as well, Wohooo!

2. Join the dance group, Sekar Tari Pesona Buddhayah. This is a group of people (girls actually) who really really into traditional dance and so far we finished 2 and (not even)half dancing, Lenggang Nyai, Nandak Ganjen and we're working on Bajidor Kahot. so happy to finally dance again after last class i took in uni it's been a while. Too bad i only performed once because of unmatched schedule but i hope i can make it more next year, Amen!

3. Accidentally Met my former idol in broadcast world, Irfan Ihsan. OMG,why would i wrote this? Anywho, to finally meet him it's kinda awesome beacause i adore him since i was little. It makes list-of-my-idol-i-should-meet getting smaller :p

4. Cantar Caravelas finished the 3rd recording this year. After high and low circumstances finally we did our this year goals. Some people come and go but i remain the same, well i gotta hang in there but i don't know how long i can stay. At least, i gave my best this year after 4 years joining this Portuguese Culture group. Wehad performances at Jakarta Food and Fashion Festival,Portugal National Day, Welcoming Portuguese Sailors, Women's International Bazaar, Festival Kampoeng Toegoe,etc. Boa Suerte em 2011, Amigos!

5. Start to do more exercise,swimming! Actually i tend to do it once a week but depends on weather and my period, turns out it didn't make me any slimmer but happier thou. Should do it more often next year :)

6. So many concerts, gigs , and rave on 2010! King's of Convenience, Imogen Heap, Empire of The Sun on Gatecrasher, John Legend on Java Jazz Festival, The Raptures, Kelly Clarkson, Ian Brown, Kula Shaker, Playground Festival, Smashing Pumpkins & Stereophonics on Java Rocking Land, Simply Red and Les Nubians on Soulnation. Konser terbanyak dalam satu tahun dan terbanyak pula dapat gratisan :p I only pay for Imogen Heap, Java Rocking Land, and Kelly Clarkson. And the best ones : Imogen Heap & Simply Red!

7. Menonton film terbanyak di JIFFEST saat bukan jadi volunteer! Waiting for Superman, Incendies, Scott Pilgrim VS The World, Belkibolang, Jakarta Magrib, Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Life, When We Leave, Biutiful, Alangkah Lucunya Negeri Ini, The Wedding Photographer, and Turk's Head. My favorites are Belkibolang, Incendies, and Waiting For Superman. Too bad i only watched one movie on INAFFF 2010;
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest and Europe on Screen's Soul Kitchen and missed QFilm Festival.

8. Met POTUS, Barack Obama! Woho-hoooo! This might be once in a lifetime experience and thanks to Yayasan Pita Kuning for the invitation :D

9. The most exciting move i did on 2010 is.. cut my long hair to super short hair! Last time i had short hair it was on 7th grade so THIS-IS-HUGE! lol

And the 2011's plans are....

* Take TOEFL preparation and search for scholarship info as much as i can
* Getting closer to my passion; film industry! Contribute! at least keep on writing
* Read more and more books
* Watch more and more, and MORE movies!
* TRAVELING! Bali on April, Beijing on May (AMEN) and one more spot left. Gili? Manado? Australia? We'll see..
* Giveback to my community! This could be anything and anywhere, i hope January will be a good kick-start.
* More exercise! Swim swim..or anything less boring than gym class :/
* Less soda or unhealthy beverage and greasy food. Alcohol? Hmm..
* Join movie club or course and also improve my Chinese
* Improving my show as well ;)
* Put shopping habit into another useful habit or activity
* ..or simply less shopping!
* Nabung..nabung! Mulai mengatur keuangan, Mariiii!
* Erasing (or decrease) 'HARSH' and 'SARCASTIC' from my middle name.
* Start thinking about career instead of job. Seek for any possibility of opportunities.
* Looking for side job
* Change my blog design
* Write more..
* Doa dan sholat, bukan cuma pas susah aja, Amin Ya Allah!
* Curse less :p
* Cek kolesterol (deg-degan..)

Oh well that's quiet a plan.

Let's seize the day!

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amen for the "curse less" !