Wednesday, June 28, 2006

c o m a

I am a dot

I` m circled by hundred of lines they are just like maze for me

most of them are straight and possible if some of them are curvy

I am a dot

I can roll away also can united some lines.

lines will missed me somehow I can separated them from each others

I am a dot

I can ruined something or anything or everything

I am rolling groaning but suddenly I got stuck so I moan

I got stuck in extremely frizz maze

I can do nothing maze trapped me maze stab me I tried to get out of maze but turns out it torturing me into center

I am a dot

No more lines missed me I sucked into maze I cannot even move

I am an idiot

someday around April,2006 definetely Jakarta

almost everyone turns into an idiot somehow

1 comment:

syn said...

we're all dots.
but none are idiots.

slmknall.. =) nyasar ksinih.. huhuh