Monday, June 26, 2006

remote by mood

circumstance talks!

i was in a very bad mood this morning,
usually i talk hard,i speak sarcastic
smile hard, everything i do would just turn off people mood
well, mr djokokentjono saved me!

i went to sub bagian akademik when i heard that ip udah keluar,degdegan banget
at first i`d rather see it later,but sooner or later its just about the time
when i was queueing on the line,still with degdegan feeling
my mind still wondering how if i failed on that subject?
ergh,that would ruin all my plan about taking next semester`s subject if i still failed on that
but, like i said
mr djokokentjono saved me,

i got B on my Fonologi Indonesia
yiay,still cant believe it, honestly if i just get B- im still happy about it
well Good God still love me,well i can relieve now
no more sarcastic word, i smile a lot, i talkative and mostly pleasantful

basically,it turns my day just because one moment only,
it just like clicking on your fingertips,

im the one who depends on mood

i talk and act as my mood says
some what it can annoyed others around me, but believe me mostly it happen when peoples are in their low mood,and sudden they cheered by something unexpected they become happier than ever!
people expect something small,and then they get much bigger,it helps a lot

i can prove it cuz i am now,

and how if we prove it,just do something small but pleasant
well, i guess those people will be happier better than i am now ;)

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