Friday, June 30, 2006

My Dull Holiday Plan

almost three weeks of holiday a.k.a my shortcourse college,
i feel quiet bored with all my routines there`s plenty stuff to do
since this holiday thingy begun, i did some stuff wit my girls--my guy also,but mostly nothing new about,
such as ;

1. Walked interview about part-time job in this LIRA corporate -which is until now i havent heard about the contract or whatsoever,i really looking forward about this job, it costs 250.000 rupiahs per day! Can you imagine how many things i can spend with those if i work there,lets say 3 weeks!

2. Feed my appetite of Sushi last week,at my fave Sushi Tei, celebrated Chira`s recovery from Demam Berdarah disease--oh geez she`s getting even more chubby !! - well,its been so long sinceour last gathering at J.Co,you guys way too much activities,Otong with her MB,Santri with her-not-going-anywhere-its-holiday-baby! and Chira with her disease,what a pitty!

3.Went to Bandung with Adhi last week, such a long long weekend, attending Patty`s wedding,his-so-called-bestfriend,
I went nowhere,but i just get bonding wit his former college mates, although they`re quiet mature to me, i still feel they`re so welcome,thanks for Dewi for letting me stayed at hers ;)

well, what next?
have loads of plans but dunno how and when to do it

1.Watch Superman Returns,with RTC Collegues this Monday
2.Spending Spree at ITC Kuningan with my Otong,Chira,Santri--yea ladies,keep your eyes open,theres so many cute stuff hanging around,hehe
3.Going to PRJ, see the fireworks or anything such as bazaar--again,shop!-- with anyone!
4.Watch Goodnight Electric at Liquid room with my girls,Udin,Rara,Meta,and hopefully Atta could come, since Chibol still having her bedrest,she will just stay at home.

Such a consumtive holiday,huh?
Nothing but spending money or make my self getting even more fat,haha--im sorry Dr.Rossana for your naughty patient ;)

Ladies, its our habit that we always SHOP!
I warn you, ZARA is now end of season sale,up to 50% !!
Geez, i cant wait to buy those cute strippy shirt,and hunting another tops and jeans on ITC!

Im not saying that spending my time with all of you are dull,boring or what,but its about the feedback to me,eventhough im getting closer wit all of you and bonding s together,
i found it no challenge, although i want to do skydiving --if its so,CHALLENGE!
i need more to spicy up my life,well if somebody has some of it,share with me please?

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