Saturday, July 01, 2006

He always be the one who inspires me,so much

Yesterday i went to EMFest,some movie festival made by student from Faculty of Computer Science,
Actually i went there because of invitation from the comitee,but as a moviebuff i was beggin to go there and also bcuz of Mr.Djoko Anwar was there !!!

Geez, i adore him so much since i was on 2nd grade of HighSchool,since he was nobody until now he`s well known as a film maker
for anyone who sounded unfamiliar with his name let me introduce him--like im his publicrelation ;)
He is a former The Jakarta Post journalist and assistant director of Arisan! and now,he`s a director of loads--can i say loads?-- festival winner movie; Janji Joni !!


What i adore most from him actually?
Well,he insipred me,when i was in my confusing year,,
He graduated from ITB with Penerbangan major,and his reason to got in ITB bcuz its the only college which is has movieclub !!
And,i still remember when i asked him a question about how we develop our skill and interest, do we have to go to those filmschool,which is so rare in Indonesia,he said;
No matter what major you take,which school you attend, you still can become anything you want, moviemaker also!

Oh my,he is what i ever want it to be,journalist,director, and non-comercial filmmaker,from what he said yesterday,he still has his idealism on his way of thinking, and what he wants to do in this crap Indonesia movie industry,he wants to educate peoples by MOVIES!!

In that time, i was so confuse about majoring thing, science or social or literature?
What am i gonna be if a take one of those major?

Now, since i made myself sure which path i took,i met him again,then i ask myself,
Am i still confuse likewise?

Im not gonna say that im not anymore,
but taking this Indonesia Literature this far i feel like,im darn SURE about my future
eventough loads of people making fun about this subject,
they said,
"Mau jadi apa,sastra indonesia?Guru bahasa?"
"Yang penting UI yah?"

Oh My Sweet Lord, is it that shallow?
Majoring now is just as formal school but you`ve already known that,hey, nothing without skills and experience,non-schooling-stuff-out there teach us how and what,

I`ve already know what am i gonna be--AMIN--smoga aja semua yang udah gue planning slama ini bisa kesampean,amin yaa robbal alamin ;)

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purihandayani said...

they're free to talk
they're free to think
we are free to choose
we are free to be what we want
we are free to prove it

life is free
but why does everybody have to fight for their rights?