Sunday, June 07, 2009

Awful Face on My First Morning of Twenty-Two

Okay, after my long speech about me no likey surprises, the next morning i got one from my beloved Gank Bandung.

actually i already read the hint from days before,
#1 i went to Vicky's room, and accidentally i saw his calendar marked on May said,planning Nana's birthday!! Okay,i was thrilled to read it, but it's better not knowing yet. I didn't take it seriously thou

#2 on my birthday-morning, Ucy sent me text and post something on Plurk which gave hint about surprises, well not really hint because she really did tell me, that she can't join the surprise 'coz she has to work. And by that time they haven't arrived yet!

It was still surprising since they broke in to my messy room and i haven't showered yet,darn photograph!
These are pictures from my room and i wanna tell them how much i love them, truly ;)

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