Thursday, June 04, 2009

More Surprises to Come

Year 2009,another birthday celebration

i only celebrate it with my dearly thesis-draft which i just get it from my lecture. I don't expect anything from anyone. People may thought i expect some surprise from my closest-friends but i think all the blessing they gave and support are enough.
I don't like surprise recently.

Last year when i celebrated my twenty one birthday,i didn't do it alone. My significant other gave me surprise that i never expect before,ever!
Since he was only my friend, who can shared his weird thoughts, keep on mocking me, and to be honest blown my mind.
I was too afraid thinking he might had something for me since we were close but not that much. After he popped the question -no, he wasn't asking me to marry him,i was so shocked! It was one of surprised that i never expected before but i like it.

After while, another surprises made from my fellow Abang None,and then he didn't show up to say 'Happy Birthday'. It was surprising,because i thought he wanted to make it special that day.But he did and year goes by it's still surprising.

he's not kind of guy who'd like to say those three magic words
also not the one who'd worship you and keep telling you that you are beautiful or something like that.
he may telling the truth about what he doesn't like about you and you may do the same thing without hard feeling after all.

Unsurprisingly, i could stand with all the cynical thingy and criticism that he made over me.
Surprisingly for me after year goes by all those butterflies keep on flying on my stomach and i can't lost it everytime i think about what we've been through and giggling, remember those silly stuff about us.

I want more surprises from this for the next next time and surprisingly it won't take so long to count it ;)

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