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2009's Highlight

Here comes the DAY, last day of 2009. The day that i should reminiscing old times and make highlights from my life in 2009. I would like to say, this year is the weird year inspite of wonderful year like 2008 since too many weird things happened to me.Well, lets count them down!

To begin year 2009, it's my first time internship in this country. Saw an ad on
mailinglist, some advertising production house hired me to managed their website which talking all about advertising world including controversy inside them. It called and i only worked for a month.

It's Freakishly WEIRD..
..because for almost a month i worked there, i haven't report any of TVC shoots or any activities related to advertising. Even so, i went to some Public service announcement's workshop held by UNAIDS and i interviewed Joko Anwar & Nia Dinata.
You can watch my work below here eventhou the website is now closed.


Another internship opportunity's coming, now on Spice! Magazine, one of MRA Printed Media product on teenage magazine. It's one of job that i dreamed about since ever,YIAY!So many things i learnt from here! Reporting live,writing, went from here and there,and one of film school dean spit on me! Such a great experiences!

* On Photoshoot set*

It's luckily WEIRD..
because so many people who wants to join this company and i got this opportunity, ALHAMDULILAH!

Oh, i forgot to tell you guys, that it was my last semester on campus so during January until the end of semester i did my thesis, and by this month i got nothing until my lecture scream out from department building so everyone can hear that i'm her student who didn't do her job very well. But after that incident i went well :P
Mungkin seorang underdog kayak gue emang harus diteriakin' dulu buat bikin hati gue tergerak, literally.

It's terrifyingly WEIRD..
because nobody ever scream over me even on my department!


This month full with happiness! I went to Bandung with some friends who turned out to be my BESTIE. Actually we hung out together before, but after THAT night, we're getting even much closer! Mungkin sebelumnya kita belum saling sadar aja kalau WE ARE THAT CLOSE! Pemikiran-pemikiran ajaib, becandaan nyeleneh, dan semangat-semangatnya membuat gue sadar,i can count on them and on them i found true friendship LOVE YOU ALL, you know who you are!
Bertambah kesenangan gue karena I saw Jamiroquai's concert, at Sentul new concert hall. It was awesome, place, eventhou they wasn't so attractive and didn't play their hits song, Virtual Insanity. Well, it was OKAY since i got their tickets for free. LOL
Daaaan..bulan ini ditutup dengan berakhirnya masa magang gue di Spice! I had such a great times and lotsa things to learn. From them i figured it out that journalism is absolutely my dream-kind-of-job. Thanks a bunch for all MRA Printed and especially Spice! team ;)

* Gedung Sate, Minus Ucy*

It's amazingly weird...
because i got sooo many experiences and friends who know me so well from somewhere,not too far!


It's May already! It thesis dateline is one month away!!

It's confusingly weird...
..because i almost gave up and give my thesis one other semester, but if i do it i have no other comrades who will support me,oh well ..


My favorite month is coming, YIAY!
Di tengah-tengah kesibukan gue memutar otak dan merangkai kata buat 'pacar' gue si Joni a.k.a skripsi, my favorite people surprised me on my birthday!
Gee, they saw me with ugly PJ and messy hair,doh!
Although there was soooo many spoilers from someone *wink* they got me surprised :D
Thanks dearie..
Vicky, Tiar, Fauzan, Idha, Ano, Alex, and Ucy
love love love you all!!!


It's awesomely weird...
..because i got surprised with unsurprising way LOL


Di akhir bulan Juni, gue keterima di suatu Marketing Advertising Agency, Interact Carlson Marketing. Awalnya gara-gara bos tempat magang gue dulu nawarin gue buat interview jadi copywriter. Dulu emang sempet gue cerita ke dia kalo gue sempet pengen jadi copywriter. Akhirnya gue masuk ke kantor itu dengan situasi gue masih kejar-kejaran sama dateline skripsi dan jadwal sidang.
Dan akhirnya tanggal 16 Juli 2009 akhirnya jadi tanggal keramat buat gue, karena jam 9 pagi nama gue bertambah Gayatri Nadya Paramytha, S.Hum.

It's speechfully weird...
..because after 4 years of study in my Uni i never come so early (read my previous entry) and i cant describe how i felt that day,Pheewww..


Bulan puasa tahun ini jatuh di bulan Agustus, begitu pula WISUDA! Kebayang gak harus panas-panasan di balairung UI Depok yang dijejali wisudawan, pendamping, keluarga dan teman-temannya. Tadinya gue emang menolak untuk ikut wisuda karena gue pikir sayang amat bayar beratus-ratus ribu buat dipajang di depan dekan dan rektor. Untungnya teman-teman IKSI'05 berhasil meyakinkan gue buat ikutan dan gue sangat puas!
Puas foto-foto, dan juga puas akhirnya kewajiban gue sama orangtua udah terbayar.

In the same month, i saw one of my favorite band's concert, Phoenix!
It's kinda surprising since Phoenix is mainstream kind of band and that was WAWESOME! I enjoyed every song they played. Should i say it was BEST CONCERT of 2009!!

It's super duper happy (at last) weird..
..because i swallow my own word about this graduation ceremonial :P


This month my beloved best friend leave for Sweden for almost one year to take his master program. I was so sad but after threw surprise going-away party i can feel so much better and hope for the best. Bon Voyage Tiar!

It's sadly weird..
..because i can't imagine i have one of my bestie not here beside me for at least a year :')


Setelah sekian lama gak liburan sekeluarga, alhamdulilah Lebaran kali ini ada kesempatan buat jalan-jalan ke Thailand,YIAY! So, Bangkok and Pattaya here we come!
So many places for sight-seeing,take a picture,and of course SHOP!
I always love travel to another developing country which has better public transportation,but too bad since i was with parents i rarely took MRT (or they call it Skytrain) and bus because of language gap. The rest of all i'm fascinated by them :)

It's fascinatingly weird..
..because it almost canceled on last minute but Thank God who gave me chance to spend time more with my fams,which very very rare!


Back to Jakarta, back to reality! And how i face reality? Well, new job is waiting!
Yes, finally my dream-kinda-job is waiting! Alhamdulilah, berkat forward twitter Cai gue apply ke Cosmopolitan FM one of station from MRA Broadcast Media Division as in creative assistant. Awalnya gue ragu karena basic station gue gak gitu kuat dibanding Marketing atau promosi. Tapi tetua, Ade Shiro bilang yang penting masuk dulu dan mau belajar, nanti bisa ada proses menuju situ. Well, here i am one of creative assistant a.k.a producer from this station, Wooo-hooo!!
Welcome to the jungle, radioslave!

it's excitedly weird..
..because, you know.. it's radio and i think i was born to be permanent radioslave LOL


Here comes the last month of the year as a wrap up. So far i'm still confused about what i've been done this year, maybe now am no longer student and have to face the reality. Yes, we grow up indeed! I hate it but what can we do anyway?
It's still out there, our dreams our vision and anything that we can ever imagine whether it'll come true or not,which i assumed dreams are more life than reality.
So, keep on dreaming people!
Let's make our dreams and fantasy live in our fairy tale life, cheers!

Happy New Year ;)

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