Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Re-Think About Life Highlight 2010

It's almost end of 2009 then come 2010.
I'm not kind of person who like to make New Year's resolution,afraid having failure to make it happen, so i rather make life highlight on that current year. At least, if there's something i can be proud of,it remarks achievement that i got this year.
Again, i can't think of any big achievement every month this year. Well, i can think one or two but not TWELVE!
Anyone, what is your life highlights on 2009?
Gimme' some idea puh-lease!

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1 comment:

LoVeLyN said...

gue punya 3,hm....
apa ya nyebutnya..
highlight, harapan or resolusi ya??
pokonya di tahun 2009 kemaren ada tiga yang terwujud!
-manjangin rambut (walopun akhirnya gue potong)
-dapet beasiswa di kampuss..
semoga tahun 2010 ini kita dapat meng-highlight semua mimpi2 yang kita impikan ya, kana..